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Social Security Administration

Staffing Etc. has an opportunity for Physicians to work as independent case reviewers and medical consultants at the Social Security Administration.


The Social Security Administration is reviewing applicants from Staffing Etc. to utilize as licensed contract physicians, psychologists, and speech and language pathologists to provide medical consultant services. These services involve policy, quality and medical assessment (also referred to as “independent review” of disability claims).


Under this agreement, contractors will assess and document impairment severity in SSA disability claims based on the Social Security Act’s definition of disability.  Using a generalist model, contractors are often assigned claims outside their particular area of specialization, but within the broad categories of adult and childhood cases.  Mental and speech language claims are assigned to medical professionals in those fields.


The contractors shall conduct case processing with an SSA furnished computer and all medical records and case folder documentation are viewed, processed, and stored electronically. 


Interaction with disability reviewers, adjudicators, medical providers, and other staff is required; however, there is no contact with the claimant nor is there clinical responsibility.

To apply for this position, please fill out the following attachments:

SSA Attachments
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