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We staff a large of nursing positions to prisons and correctional facilities throughout the United States. Call us now for contracting at 301-403-8838

Correctional Staffing

Staffing Etc. is a recognized leader in health care staffing. Our complete staffing solution offers clinical personnel representing multiple fields and specialties including Physicians, Dentists, Pharmacists, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, Therapists, and Allied Health Professionals. Our client base includes hospitals, clinics, HMOs, school systems, and correctional facilities.


Our clients trust Staffing Etc. to provide medical personnel precisely and on demand, reducing their full-time employee costs by helping facilities maintain efficiency, while saving on overhead. From 13-week contracts to per diem shifts, to block scheduling, you’ll get the right people, where and when you need them. Education, experience, and skills are matched with the assigned placement.

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