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We're Celebrating 15 Years In Business!

Staffing Etc, one of the nation’s premier healthcare staffing agencies, is celebrating 15 years in business this August.  The company has hosted a number of different events and awards throughout the summer to commemorate their impact over the years, such as a $5,000 scholarship fund for 5 students and numerous family fun days and cookouts. On August 25th, the company will host a formal gala to commemorate its impact throughout the region as well as celebrate the staff and community leaders that have helped make the company what it is today.


Staffing Etc was founded in August of 2003 and since that time period, it has staffed thousands of healthcare professionals, at schools, hospitals, government agencies, clinics and commercial businesses throughout the nation. Staffing Etc is one of the leading healthcare staffing companies in the United States and has received national recognition for its work with the CDC during the Ebola crisis, providing healthcare screeners at numerous international airports throughout the United States. The company is owned by David and Hope Porter, who have been residents of PG County Maryland for over 25 years.

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